Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Here's the block (15") I started and finished in Anchorage. All the detailed elements of the star were paper pieced, then I stripped off all the paper and sewed the pieces together. This is the most intricate block I've ever done. Alyson chose the colors from a Jinny Beyer quilt , and I applied it to this block. I'm going to choose more colors as I go, and am hoping to make good choices.

We brought this cute little bear home with us. Here he is snugged into my suitcase, and below is his original spot in the room. There were no more for sale, but Kathryn let us buy this one off her wall. We just thought he looked like a little boy clutching his favorite toy to himself.

This is the other side of the little extra room, which made a terrific work area for me. You can see the table in the picture with Jay on the love seat... that was in the middle of the room till I finished the block I was working on.

Here's the little room heater, that the owners bought after we arrived, after which we were quite warm. The doors behind it go directly outdoors to the hot tub, which in the summer would be a big benefit. However, cold air was sweeping in here till Jay put painter's tape up around the door (He even fixes OTHER people's houses!!). It made an amazing difference. He did miss a spot, though. On Sunday morning, when it was about 6 degrees out, there was a little strip of frosted ice on the inside of the middle stripping, where there was still cold air creeping in.