Monday, December 10, 2012

Loosening up from perfectionism

This little coffee coaster is for my sewing room, using just scraps of fabric. I'd just read "15 Minutes of Play" by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, and since I had a little basket of small scraps nearby, did just as she advised. Her method uses crazy-quilted scraps like the above that are then cut into traditional shapes and pieced together with solid or coordinated fabric, for a very attractive combination. For me it's an appropriate blend of sane methods and crazy quilting. I really like it.

On this sample, I pulled up the backing fabric to make the edge, then sewed a decorative stitch down the raw edge. The first time I tried it, I used some left over binding that turned out not wide enough (now in the trash). The next ones I make I'll use some of my other left over binding. I like the more finished look. These might even make a last minute Christmas gift from me to someone. They're a ball to make!