Saturday, January 31, 2009

This is a picture of the room we're staying in, which is actually an upgrade from the one we had requested (Someone was in that room when we arrived). This room has been very nice, because there's a little ante room with a curtain divider, so that Jay can go to bed (and get up at 5 a.m.), and I can continue to work here. The owners added a room heater after we arrived and discovered the heater wasn't working. It looks like an old-fashined stove, complete with face fire and is very comforting.

I've put together the first block, a center medallion, to a BOM quilt I'm making for Alyson and Brad, and made some bead scissor fobs/zipper pulls with Kathryn's help. (Owner of the B & B). She has an enviable work corner in their living room and does very wonderful free-form bead work. I'll include some pictures when I get home, and can get some of my pictures uploaded. Well, that's all for now.... Jay is finished with all his assigned sewing machines and has gone to Willow, Alaska, and a festival there. We'd planned on both of us going, but it snowed 12 inches yesterday; there were 75 auto accidents in Anchorage last night. I didn't want to white-knuckle it for 3 hours today and drive Jay crazy, so I'm here in the warmth and comfort of our room... looking out on the beautiful snow. That's my idea of enjoying a snowfall!

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Cheryl Ann said...

Welcome back, Yvonne! I had tried this link a couple of weeks ago, and it didn't work. So glad you used your Alaskan retreat to get it up and running again. Look forward to future issues.