Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ginger and printer

Last Saturday was Ginger's first birthday. I got her from my sister, who's recently adopted female cat escaped the house and came back pregnant. We know where all of Ginger's siblings are, so it's fun to keep track of them all.

She is true to her name, harassing my two older cats, and "full of ginger" and mischief in the mornings. She has discovered my table where I keep my crazy quilting supplies, and delights in shoving them off to the floor so she can play with them. When corrected, her ears point backward, her tail whips and she looks exactly like a willful child! On the other hand, she always stops when corrected, so I think there's hope for her.

Pardon me, those of you who are not animal lovers. Once you've had children in the house, it's very easy to have a "family" that includes animals. They are so much fun.


pkb said...

I love the picture of Ginger as she waits in anticpation of that paper coming out! Too cute.

Great blog entry in my opnion of course! ha

Karen said...

I noticed you were a new follower on my blog and wanted to say hi.
Love your cat picture!

Reminds me of some things our poor old cat has been doing lately. If the girls sit on the floor, he looks like he's reading whatever the girls are looking at. We've been laughing at how educated he is getting.

Looks like Ginger can read, too. Smart cat! lol

Cheryl Ann said...

This is a great picture, Yvonne. Cleo always used to be fascinated by the sound, I think. And for some reason she loved sitting on office paper -- annoying, but cute!