Thursday, December 08, 2011

Just who am I, anyway?

Today it's literally been an entire year since I've posted here. As I've just joined Sharon Boggin's TAST for 2012 (that's "Take a Stitch Tuesday), I've renewed interest in this Blog. I first "met" Sharon when I received squishies from her in the USA/Australian squishie exchange conducted by her and Willa. One year, many of the Australian squishies were lost in transit, and Sharon heroically filled in for the missing pieces. I think I got three from her that year, all of them lovely. I subsequently took an online class from her on crazy quilting. I seem to be a perpetual student in that area.

Here's what I've been working most on lately: my daughter's quilt. I see from a previous post that I started this quilt in 2009 (February ), so I'm not what you'd call a speedy quilter. In my defense, this quilt is by far the most intricate I've ever tackled. Here's a picture of its progress:

It's actually gone far beyond that, but the next "layer" is a bunch of 6" star blocks (32 of them), pieced out of 1" pieces, to be laid out on point for the next border. I'm having a lot of fun with it, but am struggling with giving myself permission to work on it. Even though it's now a "have-to" project, it's so much fun that I tend to try to have my day's work done before I allow myself to work on it.

And.... I also struggle with whether I'm a sane quilter, a crazy one, or a knitter. I love all three crafts. One of the reason I joined TAST is to be forced to work more on crazy quilting.

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