Wednesday, April 01, 2015

New Sewing room - trash to treasure

Since our move last summer from Texas to Missouri, I've been mostly throwing stuff away, it seems, though we have plenty of things left. The sewing room was left as the last challenge. I'd promised my husband I was going to put all my crafts into one room, and this job was much more difficult than I'd ever imagined. In my case "Artist" is defined as a person who buys more supplies than she uses.

As I'm writing this, the task is almost done. But here we were at the start of the project:

I took the above picture first, and was surprised to see how orderly it looked, mainly because I'd already organized the bookshelves. But I just turned around and took a photo of the rest of the room, and the true story emerges.

The pile of things in the bottom right of the picture are numerous boxes and plastic bins  not yet opened or sorted. Hours and hours tolled on before I had a handhold on this mess. The brown desk under the windows eventually left the room, but it was used for a myriad of things while I was working here. The three wire basket units were to be my fabric stash, but fabric proved to be too heavy for them. You'll see my solution in the next blog.


Cheryl Bryan said...

What a contrast, Yvonne! Loved your segue from "here's what it looked like" to "here's what it REALLY looked like."

pkb said...

I love the "trash to treasure" title, and it's so true with the treasure part.
I love your blog - not sure I'd ever looked at it before. The sharing your creativity and just the "colors" in the blog are very pleasant!