Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I'm copying an idea from Karen South and showing some recently purchased books.

Judith Baker Montano's latest is her best yet. I recently attended a Victoria Stitchery retreat in Wichita, Kansas. I took a two-day class from Ms. Montano and her supply of books sold out.

One of the new features in this book is a discussion of using a computer to manipulate images that you then can use to create a picture with fabric. I was impressed not only with Judith's willingness to overcome computer-phobia and learn this difficult program, but to pass her knowledge on to us.

I'm accustomed to Judith's needle skills, but was totally "wowed" by the chapter division pages, which are her own personal photographs. She told us that photography is really her "first love," and these photos prove it.

Gorgeous pictures to look at, and useful not only as eye candy, but motivating for using our own photography skills as a beginning point for our work. (She has a chapter on good photography as well.)

I highly recommend this book. Not only is it full of information on moving ahead in fiber art, it's beautifully produced, and like all of her books, designed to lie flat for easy use. No pinning the book down with one hand or your elbow while you try to work. This is a classy book.

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